Brand services for corporations, startups, and freelancers.
Let’s take a great care of your brand. Together!

Someoneinjakarta is a dynamic studio who is passionate in creating amazing design.

We evaluate and innovate your brand
asset to achieve greater value.


We care about your brand in any media. We help to communicate your brand to your beloved customers.


We will create logo production based on research which eases your brand to engage your specific market


Whether you are about to start a brand or rebranding, we offers some principal services that will set a strong core of your brand.


We believe what encourages you to own a website is the fact that you wish your brand to get noticed online

We are happy to accepting our clients

We will be very happy to work on our next project. Together!

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Who we are

We are a small studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Our goal is to building a sustainable, growing business with happy customers & employees :)


+ 62 822 4912 4849

With love from
Jakarta, Indonesia